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Summer camps are opening soon. What I should know?

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

One of the most frequent questions we get at Lice In Sight™ is: Is there a season for lice?

The short answer is: There is NO head lice season. Lice can be found year around. Lice can survive any season, and any weather, they need a nice warm head and a meal to survive. Now I know this might make you feel a little queasy but you’re entitled to some facts, so here goes: the reason one gets itchy from head lice is that the bugs are feeding off of the blood of your scalp and which causes you to be itchy, your scalp is their meal! Getting back to why there are more cases of lice in the summer, my theory is that since kids are out of school and there are no school nurses checking kids and cases go undetected. Some schools report that they see more cases of lice in the fall. Kids spend a lot more time together during the summer which increases head-to-head contact (the biggest way that lice are transmitted is head-to-head contact).

So, you might be wondering what you can do, here are some suggestions:

Get your child screened before they go to summer camp, a proper screening with a professional lice removal will help ensure that your child isn't contributing to the camp's lice problem. It also will save the disappointment that your child will feel if identified as having nits and lice when they're screened at sleep-away camp.

Get screened when returning from sleep-a-way camp. Many camps have screeners and hopefully, they will identify anyone with lice. Screening is the best way to check for lice and that's why it's always better to get one. At Lice In Sight™, we see hundreds of pre and post-campers, and screenings are 100% accurate.

If your child isn't going away to summer camp then get in the habit of screening weekly ( I know you're busy and likely don't have an extra 10 minutes/ week but try and if not weekly then bi-weekly).

As always, if you think you see nits and or lice, save it! Don't toss it, call us and we will gladly look at whatever you have and let you know definitively if it's lice/ nits or just some other junk that you found in your child's hair (I'm not saying they're not clean, what I'm saying is that kids have other things dandruff, mulch, and a host of other things).

Book an appointment online today at or call us at 212-547-9875

Pre and post-camp discounts are available. Call for pricing.


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