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Easy 3-step directions:

  1. The comb may be used on dry or wet hair. In both cases, make sure to first detangle hair with a regular brush or comb.
  2. Separate into sections and pull comb from scalp to ends of hair. Inspect each section to ensure complete removal of lice and nits.
  3. Clean the comb under tap water. Slightly opening its teeth from the ends. This action should be repeated after completing the cleaning of each section of hair

The Best Lice Comb Ever!

  • This comb has been proven to be the best comb ever Worldwide and is made of resistant stainless steel that allows for the elimination of lice completely.

    This professional lice comb has long teeth that ensure optimum efficacy in all types of hair and ages. No pulling or scratching. When you use this comb, the hair needs to be detangled, otherwise, the comb will get caught in the hair.

    It’s time to choose a smart comb that collects more nits and lice from the hair and protects the scalp from further irritation.

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