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It is common for people to have dandruff or dry scalp and sometimes they may believe they have lice. There are some key differences in distinguishing nits from dandruff.

Nits are small shiny yellow-brown eggs with a pearly tone and their appearance is like sesame seeds. They are attached to the base of the hair and in about a week they become lice. The dandruff is intense white. When we look at the head of the person we think may be infected with lice, if they do not already have them, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the nits from dandruff.

Nits are resistant when you want to separate them from the hair because they are very well attached to it, unlike dandruff which can fall off just by shaking it. That is why if you try to remove the nits from the hair, it will not be an easy task at all.

Nits cannot be removed with a simple wash, however, dandruff can. In this way, if after one or two washes, the suspicious white dots persist, it is most likely that it is lice eggs and not dandruff. Likewise, it will be advisable that you try an anti-dandruff shampoo to see if it is one thing or another.

Just as you can also try to differentiate them by their shape since lice embryos are elongated, while dandruff is opaque, flat, and can have any shape and be larger.

At Lice In Sight™, we know that lice can happen to anyone, which is why we offer professional lice treatment and nit removal services for both children and adults. Don't let fear of judgment or embarrassment keep you from seeking treatment. Our team of experts is here to help you get rid of head lice in a quick and discreet way.

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