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👩🏻‍⚕️ If a Local Outbreak Occurs, Screen Your Family.

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

If one of your family members’ workplaces, schools, daycare centers, or other frequented spots had an outbreak, ensure your entire household is screened for head lice. To complete an easy at-home screening, simply part a family member’s hair in small sections all the way down to the scalp. Look for brown, black, or red lice on the scalp, as well as their sesame-seed-sized, oval-shaped eggs called nits. You should also consider getting metal lice comb to perform the most thorough screenings possible. Contact our professional house-calls lice removal service for help. BOOK NOW! CALL: 212-547-9875 #ProfessionalLiceRemoval #LiceSpecialist #StrandByStrandNitRemoval #100PercentEffective #WeDoHouseCalls

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