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OTC Chemicals Have Helped Breed ‘Super Lice’ That Require Physical Lice Removal

Getting head lice is never a pleasant experience. Getting rid of lice is only getting harder.

Sure, it might be a while before you actually start to see or feel the signs and symptoms, it typically takes about four weeks/10,000 bites before the sensitization process that causes

itching kicks in, but when it does it can leave your head sore, red, itchy, and in a whole lot of discomfort.

Unfortunately, it appears this potential problem is only getting worse. With the rise of over-the-counter (OTC) pesticide head lice treatments, more and more strands of head lice are becoming inherently immune to these chemical head lice removals in Manhattan, NY, and across the United States.

According to NBC’s Oklahoma affiliate KFOR, lice samples from 84 people from various countries found that 99.6% of head lice have some sort of gene mutation that made them immune to common lice removal chemicals like permethrin, benzyl, malathion, lindane, and pyrethrin. These strains of lice have already been found in at least 40 U.S. states and It's one of the reasons for lice removal in Manhattan County NY and nearby areas is providing in-home services with natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly treatments.

“It’s almost saturated with (these genes), which means that people using these pesticides such as permethrin, benzyl, malathion, lindane, and pyrethrin-based products will probably have a very hard time controlling the lice,” said Kyong Sup Yoon, lead author of multiple lice removal studies and associate professor of biological sciences and environmental sciences at Southern Illinois University. Studies show that over the years, the lice adopted and developed a resistance to these toxins, rendering them useless. Today, these pesticide treatments only work around 20-30% of the time. In addition to being relatively ineffective, permethrin, benzyl, malathion, lindane and pyrethrin have been proven to be toxic and hazardous.

One of the places many parents call to is “nitpickers,” or lice removal across the country physically hand-pick each individual louse and even eggs from a person’s scalp. Usually, there are only about 10 live lice on a child’s head who’s infected at any given time.

In the same way that strands of bacteria can become immune to antibiotics and create “super bacteria,” it is now happening with head lice. If you’re in need of lice removal in Manhattan County NY or anywhere else in the country it’s a good idea to consider chemical-free lice removal.

If you need tips, or advice or have any lice-related questions, please DM or call us at

212-547-9875 to schedule an appointment and say goodbye to lice once and for all!


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