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Lice In SightTM is a mobile In-Home head lice removal service, lice treatment & lice prevention in New York City. We will be more than happy to remove your head lice and give you all the care because we are experts in lice screening, lice treatment, nit removal, and lice prevention.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality care based on national standards of lice removal service to support families, schools, daycare centers, after-school programs, and summer camps in our community to feel satisfied and lice-free.

With our thorough lice screening process and certified training, Lice In Sight is committed to providing the finest care to remove lice and give you the support you need.

Why choose Lice In Sight?

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  • Lice In SightTM makes house calls.

  • We accommodate your busy schedule.

  • Lower prices than salons.

  • 30-day guarantee.

  • Our head lice removal protocol is non-toxic.

  • They are natural and safe products for the whole family.

  • Available 24 hours/ 7 days a week.

  • Our lice services are quick and pain-free.

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  • There is no hourly charge like many lice removal service places do. Our service is per head.

  • In-home service allows a family to utilize their time efficiently. Children can continue with their home activities after being checked or treated for head lice.

  • We educate families on how to prevent head lice in the future, and how to treat them on their own if an infestation does occur.

  • With our thorough lice detection process and certified training. Lice In SightTM is committed to providing the best lice care and giving you all the support you need.

Professional In-Home Lice Removal

Treatment for head lice is recommended for a person diagnosed with an active infestation. All household members and other contacts should be treated at the same time.

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Silvia Guanoluisa is the owner of Lice In SightTM. She worked as a teacher with more than 23 years of experience, educating children and adolescents.


Silvia has also worked as a childcare provider in New York City providing quality early childhood experiences.


Her treatment philosophy is to remove each and every louse and nit in order to be considered lice-free without the use of gimmicks, such as chemicals or head treatments.

Her goal is to offer her clients an excellent result, which is that each person treated at Lice In Sight comes out completely free of nits and lice.

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Our products are Natural, Safe and Non-Toxic Aternative.
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